Go to any casino and you will notice that the majority of the floor space will be filled with slot machines or more specifically casinos in clearwater beach fl. What used to be nothing more than a distraction for the wives and girlfriends of men who liked to gamble at the blackjack or poker tables has now become the primary source of revenue for almost all casinos.

While roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat all have their place in a well-run operation, most of the money that is generated in a casino comes from players feeding quarters into the slots. These machines require very little maintainance and can be operated 24 hours per day. They are programmed to pay out at a percentage of around 90%-95% of all the money that is fed into them, so, the house will always get a share of the action.

It is estimated that about 70% of all gaming revenue comes from slot machines. Whether it is the spinning reels of the basic slot machine or the technologically advanced video displays that have 20 different ways to win, the slots attract the majority of the players. They are great fun, but watch out-slots can be addictive.

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