Any online casino worth its bandwidth should have some unique games that cannot be found elsewhere. If it fails in this task, then there is no point to spend time there, rather than one of the many other sites or brick-and-mortar gambling halls. The Jackpot 6000 is one of the unique slot machine games on the market today, and is well worth playing at a decent casino.

Jackpot 6000 separates itself from other similar games through a variety of features. A player is able to double down his or her bets, starting at ten cents but going all the way up to fifty for maximum winnings. With three reels and five paylines, this slot machine game is very similar to others in this regard. It is the less common features that set it apart, however.

Jackpot 6000 has a heads or tails feature that appears when a player wins a spin, allowing them to go double or nothing with a pre-determined amount of cash. There is also the supermeter mode that can be activated if one wins a heads or tails for multiple winnings. These features add excitement as well as an ability to win even more money, making this machine a mainstay of any good online casino.

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